Ebb Tides Seaweed Devon
Ebb Tides Seaweed Devon
Ebb Tides Seaweed Devon

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Hidden on the edge of the English channel in East Devon lies the secret of the jurassic coast.Ebb Tides

Multi Award winning Ebb Tides have uncovered the gem of the tides…delicious Seaweed

Founded by Tony in 2016 Ebb Tides prides itself in hand harvesting the very best varieties of Seaweed including Dulse, Kelp, Sargassum & Laver to be used in everyday cooking. It’s even been given the seal of approval from local top award winning chefs.  From beans on toast to seared salmon our Seaweed compliments any food and even tastes delicious in smoothies.

Seaweed has been consumed since ancient times by people of Asia and its for a very good reason.  Seaweeds are wholesome, delicious and a great alternative to salt, herbs & spices.

Our dried Seaweed comes in pouches which are ideal for garnishes or a quick snack also in shakers making the seaweed useful for everyday life cooking without the hassle.

Preservation of our beautiful coast is our number one priority which is why Ebb Tides work with Natural England and are licensed to ensure all of our Seaweed is hand harvested both sustainably and ethically.

We believe that simple is good. And this ethos runs from our simple product names and ingredients, right through to our friendly, no-nonsense customer service.

We don’t like to shout about it but we have also won awards for our seaweeds which we are incredibly proud of.

Your taste buds will come alive when you taste our Seaweed.

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