About Ebb Tides

Founded by Tony Coulson, Ebb Tides sells sustainably hand-harvested edible seaweeds. Based on the beautiful Jurassic Coast in East Devon, Ebb Tides was a dream of Tony’s for many years and was finally established in 2016.

Tony’s knowledge of seaweed and his belief in its nutritional benefits go back a long time. He’s been eating seaweeds for much of his life. Combined with 20 years of experience working in aquaculture & fisheries, as well as environmental protection, he knows his stuff.

Ebb Tides - Tony Coulson

Our ethos

We believe that simple is good. That means we don’t add anything to our products. The drying process allows us to capture the goodness so you can enjoy all the benefits.

And our ethos of simplicity goes a lot further than just our products. From how we’ve named our products through to our friendly, no-nonsense customer service – we’re all about keeping things beautifully simple.

Where does our seaweed come from?

We think local is best – best for consumers and best for small, local businesses and the local economy. So that’s why we concentrate on hand-harvesting from a stretch of Devon’s beautiful south coast.

We’re fully licensed and work closely with Natural England to ensure we harvest sustainably and ethically.

When creating our seaweed blends, we worked with Noel Corston, the pioneering, multi-award winning chef and restaurateur. His restaurant, Noel Corston@EX34 – located at the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on the North Devon Coast – has received the award for Best Restaurant in Devon over the past few years, and is also recommended in the Michelin Guide 2016. 

We all know about the four basic tastes in cookery – sweet, salty, sour and bitter. But there is a fifth basic taste too – umami – a Japanese word, the definition of which is ‘a pleasant, savoury taste’. Noel is a big advocate for including the umami element in cookery, and seaweed is a great source of it.

Ebb Tides Seaweed Tribe

How we harvest

We harvest mainly during the summer months when the tides allow, but we’ll also harvest year-round, depending on demand and on the species. It’s got to be in season, and just like other vegetables, it has a point in the year where taste and goodness is at its best.

Why we love seaweed

We think seaweeds are pretty amazing. Eaten by coastal people since ancient times and part of the daily diet in Asia for centuries – for good reason. Seaweeds are wholesome, delicious and a great alternative to salt.

The benefits of eating seaweeds are well-documented and widely reported as being:

  • Great for digestive health – low GI, high in fibre and a probiotic
  • High in nutrients, low in calories – reportedly an excellent source of calcium, iodine, folate, magnesium, and especially rich in B vitamins.
  • A great weight loss tool – trials have shown that the natural fibre found in Kelp Alginate stops the body from absorbing fat better than many anti-obesity treatments currently available over the counter.
  • Heart-healthy – packed with Omega-3 fatty acids which help to raise healthy HDL cholesterol levels, while lowering harmful LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Hormone & thyroid friendly – high levels of iodine help regulate thyroid function.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Kick-start your seaweed habit today!