Amazing food from the Biosphere

Great for Ebb Tides Seaweeds to supply  Michelin listed restaurant NC at Woolacombe North Devon with our seaweeds.

NC Noel Corston is a pioneering, critically acclaimed restaurant located at the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on the North Devon Coast.  He offers one fixed tasting menu which is built around the seasons, reflecting our immediate environment at any given moment in time. 

Noel is a natural when it comes to cooking and the dishes he creates using  seaweeds are outstanding. Not only that but his restaurant is really cool incorporating a circular serving bar.

Each day at the restaurant he sources, prepares and cooks one fixed multi-course tasting menu.  

Noel says we have evolved to the stage where we feel that this the best possible way to showcase where we live through cooking.  

The menu changes dish by dish every few weeks in order to reflect the best of our immediate environment throughout the changing seasons.  

The restaurant itself is located close to the spectacular surfing beach at Woolacombe in a truly beautiful area of Devon. A real jewel in this sleepy seaside village.