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Blue Marine Foundation – Ebb Tides give 5% of all orders to Blue Marine Foundation to help save our Oceans. Find out more here Ebb Tides partners with The College of Naturopathic Medicine

The Need for Weed

Ebb tides in Crumbs Magazine

We are really happy to be in this months ‘Crumbs’ magazine. Head over to Crumbs Magazine (or scroll through on the below) to read the full article on page 12.  Ebb Tides founder Tony Coulson features as the ‘ask the expert’.

It’s Seafood Week 6-13 Oct 2017

It’s Seafood Week 6-13 Oct 2017 Cooking With Fish and Seaweed the Ebb Tides Way Seafood and seaweed naturally complement each other. But what type of seafood goes best with seaweed during seafood week. Ebb Tides Sea Salad goes well with flat fish such as Dab,Plaice, Flounder or Dover Sole. Simply shake on or into … Read more

4 Reasons to Eat Ebb Tides Seaweeds

Reasons to eat Seaweeds

Adding Ebb Tides seaweeds to your diet gives taste and texture to your foods and benefits your health. Seaweeds have been described as the most nutritious form of vegetation on the planet. Benefits of eating Seaweeds One – Highly versatile for culinary use. Easy to eat and cook with and low in calories Two – … Read more