Our Awards

2023 Great Taste 2 Stars – Seaweed Caviar Pearls 

The judges thought this was a brilliant idea. “The pearls were glossy and the different sizes made it feel authentic and natural. The pearls smelled like roasted mushrooms – deep and umami-rich – but not like seaweed as expected. The taste too was more mushroomy than sea and salt. Texture wise, it lacks the characteristic pop of traditional caviar and we missed the classic burst of juice. The overall impact was more of earthy turf than seaside surf. An innovative experiment that we would love to see work.

2021 Great Taste Star for our Sea Salad Seaweed Shaker

Known in the industry as the ‘little black book’ of fine food the Great Taste Book contains a rundown of all of this year’s top tasting products.

Our first Great Taste star!! Really pleased to be listed in the book this year.

Judges commented: “Very attractive appearance with a delicate aroma of the sea. The flavour packs a wonderful punch that doesn’t overpower the mouth. Very appealing seaweed pieces with multi colours. A visually attractive blend and the thin flakes render them crunchy on the palate as well, we imagine, as softening swiftly in the presence of stock. In fact, they’d make a great umami-rich stock even if strained out. We felt that they would form a fine garnish for seafood – though they are certainly assertive in flavour, with a bitter tang to match the salinity and deep umami. Their feather-light ethereality is as appealing as it is deceptive – there’s nothing evanescent about the flavour! A sound collection and a versatile garnish.” 

Food & Drink Devon with Ebb Tides Seaweeds

Food Drink Devon represents a membership of like-minded businesses, dedicated to providing good quality local food & drink.

Entries for the Food Drink Devon Awards are open to all Devon-based Food and Drink businesses.

Currently, in their eleventh year, these gold standard awards celebrate the very best Devon has to offer by recognising and championing the county’s most respected, influential and passionate artisan food and drink producers and establishments.

The Devon Producer Awards are open to Food & Drink producers based in Devon using Devon ingredients.

Individual products are blind-tasted by an independent and unbiased expert judging panel and outstanding products are awarded Silver, Gold or Platinum awards.  An independent adjudicator verifies the results and winners.   Awards are also given for Product of the Year and for Best New Product of the Year.

We have been members of Food & Drink Devon since 2016 and have had the privilege to receive numerous awards for our products. 

2016/17 Silver award for our Sea Salad Seaweed Shaker

Delicate green marine flavours with a touch of pepper. Delicious with fish, eggs, pizzas, salads, shellfish and salads. Power up your juicing. Try it with ice cream and desserts. Rehydrate and use as a vegetable. Eat raw or cooked.

Food & Drink Devon Silver Award 2017 for our Dulse Seaweed Shaker

Rich smoky with a hint of spice. Shake it into pasta, crab, soups, mashed potatoes smoothies and stir-fries burgers. Use as a bacon substitute. Ideal to bake with or use as a snack on its own. Shake onto meat before cooking. Eat raw or cooked.

Food & Drink Devon Silver Award 2018 for our Kelp Shaker

Savoury, earthy, umami saltiness binds flavours together. Create Miso and Dashi stocks. Shake into casseroles, stews, curries and bean dishes, try with beans on toast! Eat cooked or rehydrated.

Food & Drink Silver Award 2019 for our Oishii Earth Seaweed Sprinkles

The finest mixed Forest Mushrooms with Kelp seaweed flakes in biodegradable sachets naturally create for you a deliciously rounded umami flavour and nourishment. 

And in 2019 we would also like to think that our assistance and support in product development of the Sidmouth Gin Distillery’s Sea Truffle Gin went a small way to them being presented with a Gold Award.