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Sprinkle, Infuse, Drink Goodness and Flavour

With our new and exciting Oishii Range of seaweed and condiment sachets. You can. Sprinkle, Infuse, Drink.

Sprinkle flavour onto your meals.

Infuse as a stock.

Drink the goodness from a cup.

 Tide -Calming and Reflective.

Earth – Earthy and Savoury.

Sun – Zingy and Refreshing.

Feed your Body and Soul with Oishii……

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10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

What is Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is an approach developed to help people heal from the side effects of chronic dieting.  People who repeatedly diet often experience a “diet backlash” – increased rigidity regarding good and bad foods, restriction leading to increased binging, reduction in trust of self with food, feelings about not “deserving” food, social withdrawal, and shortened duration of dieting episodes.

An intuitive eater is defined as a person who “makes food choices without experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma, honors hunger, respects fullness and enjoys the pleasure of eating.”  Few of us are immune from guilt and judgment regarding our food choices because of the many sources of “food police” in our culture.

 Learning to honor hunger is a key component in the learning process.    The emphasis is on honoring health and taste buds together through gentle nutrition.  Movement, in this approach, is respectful of the body and focuses on finding fun, joyful ways to move the body.

Decrease in Weight 

Initial studies of intuitive eating have found that “intuitive eaters” have a decrease in weight, thin idealization, and triglycerides, and an increase in wellbeing, good cholesterol, and self-esteem.  Be Nourished programs and services provide tools for people to relieve the psychological, as well as the physical burden of chronic dieting.

Principles of Intuative Eating

1. Reject the diet mentality
Diet culture surrounds us, but you don’t have to participate. We all have friends or family members who have been on diets that strike us as a little (or a lot) extreme or unsustainable. Say no to rigid food rules, dietary restrictions that aren’t medically necessary and the pressure to eat perfectly all the time. There’s always going to be a new fad diet to try, but research shows crash diets don’t work.

2. Honor your hunger
Since we were born, we’ve had people telling us when and how much to eat. But the thing is: as babies, we cry when we’re hungry — even if it’s outside the typical breakfast, lunch and dinner eating times. While some structure to meals can be helpful if you have a busy schedule, ignoring your hunger because it’s not “time to eat” isn’t helpful. Most of the time, it just makes us hangry. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. Make peace with food
Stop fighting with food and allow yourself to eat all types of food. There are obviously cases where you should strictly steer clear of a food, like if you have an allergy to it or it will interfere with an illness or medication. But generally speaking, if we tell ourselves not to eat a certain food, we feel deprived and often overeat, which can be uncomfortable and guilt-provoking.

4. Challenge the food police
Avoid categorizing food as good or bad. If you feel “bad” for eating a piece of chocolate cake, you may need to tell your internal “food police” to take a hike. Rigid food rules and feelings of insecurity about eating “bad” foods can harm our relationship with food. All foods, especially when eating a variety of them, can serve a purpose in your eating plan. 

5. Respect your fullness
Get in tune with your hunger and check in with yourself as you eat. If you start to feel full, consider saving the rest of your meal as leftovers for another meal this week

6. Discover the satisfaction factor
Sometimes in our diet-obsessed culture, it’s easy to overlook the pleasure of eating. When you eat what you really want (like a diverse meal of roasted potatoes and vegetables and salmon cooked with oil, plus a handful of chocolate-covered almonds) instead of what you think you should eat (lettuce, boiled chicken, no dressing) you may find it takes less food to decide you’ve had “enough” to eat.

7. Honor your feelings without using food
We all experience negative emotions, but using food to solve those problems rarely works. Instead, find a proactive way to process your emotions — whether it’s through calling a friend, taking a bath or adopting a new hobby that clears your mind.

8. Respect your body
Respect your body, because it does a lot more for you than you might realize. It’s hard to reject dieting if you are overly judgmental of your body size or shape.

9. Exercise — feel the difference
Movement is an important part of health, but you’re more likely to participate in exercise if it’s a type you enjoy doing. Focus on how you feel during the exercise — you’re more likely to engage in consistent exercise if it makes you feel energized instead of physically drained.

10. Honor your health
Intuitive eating (a non-diet approach to eating) is not anti-health. Most of the time, you choose foods that make you feel good, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, protein and healthy fats. At the same time, intuitive eating encourages practicing compassion if you overeat or eat indulgent food and recognizes that your worth is not based on your pants size.

These  principles make intuitive eating a little less mysterious and a little more practical. They can help improve your relationship with food so you spend less time thinking about eating and more time engaging in meaningful life experiences.

This blog post includes contributions from Liz Saunders

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Seaweed Sleepwear helps protect Skin

Just had to share the new seaweed sleepwear from Leticia Credidio her new seaweed sleepwear and how it protects  the skin.

Leticia Credidio is an Italian-Japanese Brazilian born designer based in East London and Milan. Leticia worked at the intersection of design and social change for more than 12 years, and after experiencing the detrimental health impacts of overwork and a lack of sleep, she decided to put her creative energy into establishing conscious sleepwear.

Sustainability Starts From Within

Having worked with many great NGOs and environmental projects, Leticia realised that sustainability starts from within. She made the decision to create a sustainable sleepwear brand that has its core mission to unleash the power of sleep as it’s the essential ingredient for a life better-lived.

Together with her production team every decision they make, from the materials they use to where they produce the garments, pushes the boundaries of care and consideration. All products are organic and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

This summer Leticia Credidio launched the Ocean collection. Not only perfect for lounging and very long breakfasts, it is also a homage to our beloved oceans and coral reefs. This limited-edition collection is created of sustainable and certified seaweed fabrics that are made and weaved in Germany (SeacellTM/OEKO-TEX–TEX Micromodal). A process not taken lightly, yet Leticia persisted on using this environmentally friendly material, that is good for your skin as well.

Protecting the Skin with Seaweed

The unique properties of seaweed helps to protect our skin against the harmful environmental influences, which we are exposed to in our daily lives. The fabric releases a soft hydration on skin. So you can sleep and lounge beautifully, and wake boldly. Congratulations Leticia on such beautiful inovation and design. 

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Seaweed Shaker Gift Bag The Ideal Foodie Christmas Gift

Ideal Christmas gift for vegan friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and family buy Ebb Tides Seaweed Shaker Gift Bag

Seaweed Shaker Gift Bag

The ideal  foodie Christmas Gift our 3 award wining shakers in a cosy jute bag. Simply shake the goodness  and flavour of seaweeds onto meals or include in recipies. Not sure what to get a foodie a vegan friend or relative for Christmas? This super seaweed gift bag from Ebb Tides Seaweeds is just ideal…

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Oishii Tide a Super Food Seaweed Snack..

Ebb Tides Oishii Tide - Sachets containing dried seaweed and botanicals of mint and basil. Snack, infuse, sprinkle to release the goodness.

Sprinkle, Infuse, Drink

Sprinkle, Infuse, Drink. Feed your mind body and soul with, dulse, laver, seaweed, basil and spearmint flakes, roasted white and black sesame seeds in biogradable sachets, gives you a refreshing, calming and highly nutritious experience. Sprinkle onto your rice, salads, couscous, fish, cereals, smoothies ideal as a snack on its own and much more. Infuse and create wholesome umami style miso, dashi type stocks, soups just add noodles, tofu, potatoes mushrooms and more. Give casseroles and stews the WOW factor.  Drink as a tea simply brew in a teapot creating a delicious refreshing and calming tea…….

Feed Your Body and Soul

Feed your body and soul with a Oishii Tide big on flavour,refreshing,calming seaweed,basil and spearmint sachets. Needing something quick shouldn’t mean compromising on nutrition or taste.Spearmint, Basil, Dulse plus Laver seaweeds create a cool calming flavour and healthiness to your food. Tide makes a super food snack, sprinkle, stock or relaxing tea.Creating a falvour and nutrient boost for your smoothies and soups. 


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3 super ways to use our seaweed sprinkles…..

Ebb Tides Oishii Sun - dried seaweed with Lemon Pepper and Orange Peel botanicals in easy to use sachets

Sprinkle Infuse Drink 

 Sprinkle, Infuse, Drink. Feed your mind body and soul with, sea lettuce flakes, lemon pepper, orange peel and roasted white and black sesame seeds in biogradable sachets, gives you a zingy fresh delicious and highly nutritious experience. Sprinkle onto your rice, salads, couscous, fish, cereals, smoothies ideal as a snack on its own and much more. Infuse and create wholesome umami  miso, dashi type stocks soups just add noodles tofu, potatoes mushrooms and more. Give casseroles and stews the WOW factor.  Drink as a tea simply brew in teapot creating a delicious refreshing tea…….

Multiuse Seaweed Sachets

Ebb Tides new and exciting Oishii Sun sachets gives you options ideal to sprinkle on fish, salads,couscous rice and much more…You can also use Oishii seaweed sachets as a stock adding noodles or use as a warming soup or even in your teapot creating delicious nutritious teas. Our Oishii Sun really dose give you 3 super ways to use our seaweed sprinkles……

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Top Superfood Seaweed or Kale?

Seaweed or Kale?

 Kale has been king of the superfoods  for a while now. But, kale may be coming to the end of its term in royalty with the rise of the seaweed on trend. Following the popularity contest between vegetables and foodies is interesting and a useful way to spend  time, it may be better to actually examine the nutrition and health facts associated with each superfood instead of just going with a popular vote.

Some people may claim to love kale now, but the super food wasn’t always a staple among health-conscious foodies. In fact, there was a time when people thought kale was just a bitter garnish that decorated bowls.

Recently, another overlooked food is being deemed the new kale. Meet kelp, a type of seaweed that’s popping up in the form of jerky and pickles. Seaweed is already popular in Asian cuisine, but kelp isn’t exactly common fare for most Americans. So why are we hearing about it now? Here’s what you should know.

There isn’t a single event that propelled the craze for seaweeds. Although it seems like people started talking about kelp just yesterday, enthusiasm for the seaweed has steadily grown over the past few years. In 2015, British Chef Jamie Oliver said eating kelp, and other low-calorie but nutritious foods, helped him shed nearly 30 pounds.

Nutritional Facts

Kale’s nutrition facts, which are based on a serving size of one cup (about 67 grams), have 33 calories, 0.6 grams of fat, no cholesterol, 25 milligrams of sodium, 329 milligrams of potassium, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 2.9 grams of protein. Kale’s vitamin percentages are 133% vitamin A, 10% calcium, 134% vitamin C, 5% iron, 10% vitamin B-6, 7% magnesium, and 0% vitamin D and B-12.


Seaweeds are low in the calorie count

Unless you are an avid health freak you may not know exactly what all of those numbers mean.  The appeal to both of these superfoods is their low calorie count.  Both are very high in all of the nutrients that our bodies need in order to function properly. Seaweed is very high in iodine, something not seen in many other foods and important for maintaining a healthy thyroid. Kale has very high levels of vitamins that are important for our health, especially vitamins A, C, and K. A bowl of either of these two superfoods is an easy way to get all your daily nutrients without an excessive amount of calories. The nutrition facts for seaweed were based on a serving size double of that of kale’s with relatively similar numbers. Therefore in theory seaweed, at least from a nutritional standpoint, is twice the superfood that kale is. 

Seaweed v Kale is there a winner?

 Ok we  now understand how good seaweeds are for us but how can we use seaweeds and where can we buy it from? Ebb Tides sustainably hand harvest seaweeds from some of the purist waters around the UK based in Devon England. Their products are simple to use for everyday use and can even be used for seasonings  teas and stocks for example. Is there a winner between seaweeds v kale well of course its down to indervidual taste and preference, however the figures dont lie.  So now you have no excuse not seaweeds or why not ttry both together and blend these two superfoods into a rocket powered dish.   

Thanks to Allison Tanersley


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Sweet Potato Tomato Sauce with Dulse Seaweed

Sweet Potato with Dulse



  • I lrg sweet potato
  • oil
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 4 garlic cloves peeled and sliced
  • 2 tbsp Ebb Tides dulse seaweed flakes
  • 200g tomato passata
  • 1/2 tsp caster sugar
  • 100g small tomatoes
  • 1 and a half tbsp chopped coriander leaves
  • 75g Greek feta cheese or vegan cheese



  1. Cut sweet potato into thick rounds. Put potato onto an oven tray and coat with oil salt and pepper. Roast for twenty minutes turning the contents after ten minutes heat potato until softened.
  2. Now make the sauce with the passata, sugar, dulse, tomatoes salt and pepper and cook for ten minutes in a frying pan on medium heat.
  3. Stir in the coriander add the sweet potato and cheese and cook for a few minutes longer.
  4. Serve with rice, pasta or bugar wheat.



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Pepper Dulse The Truffle Of The Sea

Truffle Of the Sea Pepper Dulse

Truffle of the Sea

Pepper Dulse or known among chefs as the “Truffle of the Sea” with a  delicious delicate garlicky flavour  like land truffles expensive and  in high demand. Hard to locate and small  only 6cm in size making Pepper Dulse difficult to harvest.

Sea Truffle the Gold Award winning gin from the Sidmouth Gin Company has Pepper Dulse and Saffron as its main ingridents giving a superbly balanced gin. The Pepper Dulse is sustainably  harvested by Ebb Tides just a few miles from production in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Devon coastline reducing evironmental impact and providing local produce.

Pepper Dulse is Delicate

Pepper Dulse is delicate and in my experience needs to be used within three days to get the true flavour of this incredible seaweed. When  dried it tends to lose most of its flavour the same when frozen so it really needs to be utalized almost straight from the sea for the best results. The best way to use it is with butter making superb stocks or as butter on its own. It can be used for various dishes and can be used as a spice however again this means drying the seaweed with the loss of flavour.

It can be found mid to low tide

Mid to low tide is where it can be found on rocks living  alongside barnacles and other  seaweeds. Commercially harvesting the Pepper Dulse makes little sense. With it’s small size making it highly time consuming to harvest along with it’s scarcity and loss of flavour when dried.

I get a feeling of reverence and gratitiude when out harvesting this  beautiful little red seaweed. It amazes me how something so small can give so much truely one of natures blessings.

As a way of sharing Pepper Dulse with you Sea Truffle gin has been created and if you find yourself in Sidmouth drop into the Dairy Shop and ask John for a  sample and experience this beauty for yourself.

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