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4 Simple Tips on Mindful Eating…….


What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is a way to bring awareness to your experiences with food. Practice  helps your brain and body communicate so you know when you’re hungry, satisfied, or full. When eating mindfully, you pay attention to what your body is trying to say and take notice of the smaller actions you might not normally notice. This means taking your time to be fully aware of what you’re consuming, only eating when you’re hungry, and stopping when you’re full try our 4 simple tips on mindful eating and see if it helps.

Mindless eating is often associated with obesity. When curbing mindless habits, you can eliminate bloating and indigestion – plus potentially be at a healthier weight.

4 Simple Ways to Start Today

  1. Am I hungry?

When reaching for a snack, try asking yourself that question.

 If you answer no, then ask, “Why am I hungry?”
Are you bored? Thirsty? Tired? Upset? These can often be confused for hunger.

 If you answer yes, then ask, “How hungry am I?”
Assess how much food you really need and stop eating when you’re not hungry…not when you’re full!

Helpful tip! Take 5
 Can’t figure out your level of hunger, take five minutes and distract yourself before turning to food.
Try this hunger scale to see how hungry you really are.

  1. Stop with the distractions

Are you using a phone, computer, or TV while eating, if you are not listening to your body telingl you when it’s full. During your next meal, take a break from the electronics and only focus on the food you’re consuming. Notice the look, texture, smell, and tastes!

  1.  TrySlowing down

It takes 20 minutes for our stomach to receive the signal that we’re full.  Putting down your fork between bites and drinking a glass of water as you’re eating helps with mindful eating.

  1.  Help Manage your environment

Controlling food temptations around you can be another easy way to create a mindful eating habit.

  • Put away part of a meal before you start eating – this will help you prevent overeating, and leaves you with leftovers for the next day!
  • Take out a portion of the food, instead of eating right out of the container
  • Use different sized dishes to appropriately match a meal
    • Salad plate for dinner
    • Smaller dish for ice cream

Try Mindful Extras

Switch things up by adding these mindful eating hacks to your next meal:

  • Use a fork with your non-dominant hand
  • Scrap the fork and knife altogether…give chopsticks a shot instead!
  • When socializing around a table of food, hold your drink in your dominant hand so you can’t easily grab food
  • Why not try your new found tips with our super nutritious seaweed recipies….
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How to Cure a Hangover

Cure your hangover with Kelp

Abstaining from alcohol for the month of January is becoming increasingly common.It’s now known that seaweeds are great for a body detox but did you know seaweeds are brilliant for liver detoxification.
Seaweeds contain sodium alginate which absorbs toxins from the digestive tract.

Kelp is a type of seaweed that is particularly rich in algin and green seaweed is rich in chlorophyll, a green pigment containing special fibres that bind to and remove toxins from the body.So don’t just rest your liver detox it with seaweed.

So if you are back on the sauce in February and feeling hungover, try a little seaweed and find out how to cure a hangover.


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Seaweed Triple Tipple

Seaweed Triple Tipple

Experience some unique flavours from our beautiful seaside town of Sidmouth

Ebb Tides have partnered with the Sidmouth Distillery to produce three superb drinks that are lovingly made.  Seashore Gin  sugar kelp with local honey and lavender. Gold award wining Sea Tuffle PepperDulse paired with saffron a truely crafted and sensational gin.

Sea Breeze distilled  from only three botanicals light and crisp with hints of citrus and Sea Lettuce this is one for vodka connoisseurs.

Unique and Exciting Drinks

These three seaweed beautys from the Sidmouth Distillery are totally unique and  exciting produced with care and passion.Useing local seaweeds and botanicals these drinks reflect Devon both on land and sea unique and exciting drinks for the diserning who like a seaweed triple tipple…..





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Ebb Tides at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum 6th Dec

We are exhibiting at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter RAM

Dartmoor-based photographer Susan Derges’ will be talking with our Contemporary Art Curator, Lara Goodband, about her recent rock pool series which features in our new Sea Garden Exhibition and Bryony Gillard will be discussing her work ‘Unctuous between fingers’, commissioned by RAMM, which explores our seaweed collection and its connections with contemporary ideas and conversations.

If you’re feeling creative on the evening, join artist Rachael Allain and see how she creates beautifully detailed images of local seaweeds using the historic camera-less contact process called cyanotype. Create your own blueprint artwork out of tiny off cuts from her prints to take home with you.

Try a little seaweed

And finally why not try a little seaweed? Keep your eyes out for our Sushi server during the evening. Shimizu Sushi, based on Well Street in Exeter, will be providing some tasty treats. Tony Coulson from Ebbtides will be offering the chance to try seaweed tasters and seasonal treats and hear about how they harvest local seaweeds around the coast of Devon from local tides.

Don’t forget you can also sit back and relax with friends over a drink or a bite to eat.

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Dorchester Xmas Vegan Market

Dorchester Vegan Market is back this Christmas! – With FREE ENTRY everyone can come and enjoy this superb event with 100% vegan products including Ebb Tides Seaweeds products. The market has  been nominated this autumn for Best Vegan Market in the Vegfest UK Awards!

There will be a large dining area and 40+ stalls from local businesses offering delicious hot and cold food, tea, coffee and yummy cakes, mince pies, health and beauty care, ethical clothing, eco-friendly products, jewellery, information & advice and so much more including our seaweed gins, vodka and rums…try a sample or two on Sunday.

And for the children in a separate room upstairs there will be a Bouncy Castle and Elf’s Lucky Dip Grotto along with Eco Xmas Party Bags.

So whether you’re vegan or just curious about the fastest growing phenomenon of our time, everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday 8th December 2019.

From 10.00am to 3pm over TWO FLOORS of the Corn Exchange, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1HF. Both floors are fully accessible. Make it a date in your diary!

There are a number of public car parks within a few minutes walk from the venue. The closest car parking is just 3 minutes away on foot at Acland Road DT1 1EE. ALL MAJOR CAR PARKS IN DORCHESTER ARE FREE ON A SUNDAY.

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