Create Delicious Seaweed Stocks with Earth….

Earth Seaweed Sachets

Infuse. The finest mixed Forest Mushrooms with Kelp flakes in biogradable sachets naturally create for you a deliciously rounded umami flavour and nourishment. Immerse sachet in 1 ltr boiling water for 10 mins creating savoury, wholesome miso, dashi, and soups type stocks to boost your day. Just add noodles, fish, mushrooms, potatoes whatever you desire to create your Japanese’s style satisfying stocks. Give casseroles and stews the WOW factor…….

Create Delicious Seaweed Stocks with Earth

The new innervation from Ebb Tides Seaweeds Earth part of our Oishii range of seaweed and condiments in biodegradable sachets. Simply place a Earth sachet in a bowl add boiling water. Leave for five minutes then add ingredients of choice noodles vegetables prawns, whatever you fancy. Ideal for cold winter days……..


Add to Casseroles and Stews


Simply add a Earth into your casseroles  or stews just take out at the end and you have added all the goodness of seaweed along with the beautiful umami savoury tasting dishes. It’s now just so easy to create delicious seaweed stocks with Earth…….