Seaweed Inspiration

At Ebb Tides we think seaweeds are pretty amazing. Awash with flavour, minerals and vitamins. Wholesome, delicious a great alternative to salt ,herbs and spices. Try in butters, smoothies, juices on pizzas, burgers, cheese, fish, salads. Incredibly versatile just let , your imagination run free.

How does it taste and what can I do with it?

Kelp Seaweed
Savoury, earthy, umami saltiness binds flavours together. Create Miso and Dashi stocks. Shake into casseroles, stews, curry’s and bean dishes-try with beans on toast! Eat cooked or rehydrated.

Dulse Seaweed
Rich smoky with a hint of spice. Shake into pasta, crab, soups, mashed potatoes smoothies and stir-fries burgers. Use as a bacon substitute. Ideal to bake with or use as a snack on it’s own. Shake onto meat before cooking.Eat raw or cooked.

Sea Salad
Delicate green marine flavours with a touch of pepper. Delicious with fish, eggs, pizzas, salads, shellfish, salads. Power up your juicing. Try with ice cream and desserts. Rehydrate and use as a vegetable. Eat raw or cooked.

Kids recognise the goodness and love cooking with Ebb Tides Seaweed