Oishii Tide Seaweed Sprinkles



Snack Sprinkle Infuse

 Ideal and delicious on the go. Seaweed Snacks are super nutritious. Sprinkle onto your meals. Infuse and add noodles. Create refreshing nutritious Seaweed Teas.

Feed mind body and soul with, dulse, laver, seaweed, basil and spearmint flakes, roasted white and black sesame seeds in biogradable sachets, gives you a refreshing, calming and highly nutritious experience. Sprinkle onto your rice, salads, couscous, fish, cereals, smoothies ideal as a snack. Infuse and create wholesome umami style miso, dashi type stocks, soups just add noodles, tofu, potatoes mushrooms. Drink as a tea simply brew in a teapot creating a delicious refreshing and calming tea.

3 Sachets per box total weight 30g