It’s Seafood Week 6-13 Oct 2017

It’s Seafood Week 6-13 Oct 2017

Cooking With Fish and Seaweed the Ebb Tides Way

Seafood and seaweed naturally complement each other. But what type of seafood goes best with seaweed during seafood week.

Ebb Tides Sea Salad goes well with flat fish such as Dab,Plaice, Flounder or Dover Sole. Simply shake on or into your fish dish. Sea Salad is fabulous with shellfish such as oysters with a twist of lemon. Try whole Sea Salad from a pouch for a vegan fish pie, the Sea Salad blend gives a peppery marine flavour but without the fish.

Dulse Seaweed compliments darker fish such as salmon and tilapia.  Amazing with crab and a twist of lime and side salad. Try making Dulse and crab fish cakes, boy do they taste good. Shake onto mussels or the
prepared sauce to give a smoky finish. Simply add to pasta and tomato giving a tuna type taste to the pasta delicious.

Kelp Seaweed compliments fish such as halibut, hake, Pollack and trout fish that have a fishier taste. Just shake on the kelp from your Ebb Tides Kelp Seaweed Shaker while the fish is cooking.

Ocean Spice Seaweed Spice Marinade really brings to life meaty fish such as Monkfish, Turbot and Cod. Marinate onto the fish before cooking giving a rich spicy smoky flavour without over powering the flavour of the fish. Sprinkle into fish stews for a smoky depth to your fish meal ideal for a cool autumn evening.

So a few ideas for seaweed and fish not just giving fantastic flavour to your seafood meals but also giving all the goodness of seaweeds.

Enjoy your seaweed experience and let your imagination run free………… to buy now head to our shop here