Seaweed FAQs

Ebb Tides – Frequently Asked Questions

We are asked many questions about our edible Seaweed.  To help you here are the Ebb Tides most frequently asked questions.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us here.  We are always on hand with hints and tips in getting the most out of your Seaweed.

Q – I know seaweeds are good for me but how do I use them?

A – That’s why we pack our seaweeds in handy shakers so that you can simply shake the goodness and flavours of seaweed onto your meal or include in a recipe.

Q – How clean are the waters you harvest from?

A – The waters of the beautiful Devon coast that we harvest from are classed as Excellent. They are among the cleanest and purest waters you can find. Tony should know – he used to analyse coastal waters for the Environment Agency.

Q – How do you harvest the Seaweed?

A – We hand  harvest sustainably only cutting half the plant leaving it to regrow. Also we rotate the harvesting areas. This gives the seaweeds plenty of time to regenerate.

Q – Do you lose any nutrients while drying the seaweeds?

A – Sun drying causes most nutrient loss while indoor dehydration using low heat causes the least amount of loss. We use indoor dehydration. This also safeguards against any bacterial contamination.

Q – How much Seaweed do I need to use?

A – Eat about a gram of seaweed and your daily iodine needs are taken care of.

Q – Do I need to soak Ebb Tides Seaweed?

A – Only soak the Kelp in pouches for a few hours. The other seaweeds can be sprinkled or crunched onto your food.

Q – Which is the best Seaweed to start with?

A – Our Ebb Tides Sea Salad blend of seaweeds are the most versatile and compliment  many foods.

Q – Where can I buy it?

A – We have listed our stockists of Ebb Tides Seaweed here.  We also have a list of some of the restaurants where you can try our Seaweed here.