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Seaweed Sachets for our New Exciting Oishii Range

Ebb Tides Oishii Earth, Tide & Sun - Goodness discounted for those wanting to Snack, Sprinkle or Infuse our dried seaweed in a sachet

New and Exciting Oishii 

Welcome to our NEW Oishii range of Seaweed products Earth Tide and Sun wanted to try the goodness of seaweeds but not sure how! Well we are creating a sea change in healthy eating.

 Now with our multi-use sachets you can  Sprinkle Infuse   Drink seaweed flakes with the finest condiments in sachets.  Simply sprinkle over your meals, infuse the sachets creating wonderful umami stocks full of goodness, or soak in casseroles for punch of goodness and flavour.  You can even create revitalizing seaweed teas.

Earth Tide Sun


Sun- refreshing and revitalising with seaweed flakes orange  lemon and sesame seeds.

Tide– relaxing and calming seaweed flakes basil  spearmint and sesame seeds

Earth – nourishing kelp flakes with mixed forest mushrooms.

Put powerful Ocean Nutrition on your meals with Ebb Tides Oishii range…..

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3 Ways To Lose Weight with Seaweeds

Lose Weight with Seaweeds

#Seaweeds contain Alginate that reduces #fat digestion by the body.
#Iodine in seaweeds helps maintain a healthy metabolism and burn #calories.
3 Seaweeds rehydrate in the stomach making you feel full and less likely to snack.
A few shakes a day onto meals from our easy to use shakers is all you need to help #lose weigh from your Ebb Tides shakers.

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