Yummy Beetroot and Seaweed Puree with Chocolate

Beetroot and Seaweed

It’s been a really productive year for beetroots in our allotment this year. Here at Ebb Tides we having been eating so much beetroot we are turning red. Some of the dishes we have made include casseroles with beetroots and seaweeds for instance kelp goes great with beetroot and pork. There have been many more variations however my favourite has been Beetroot and Seaweed Puree.

Beetroot and Seaweed Puree

This dish I have put together has a really creamy earthness to it, and goes with mant dishes, recently we had the puree with steak, chips and mushrooms. Like all Ebb Tides recipes it’s simple, easy and takes little time to make. You can use either Laver or Dulse seaweed in the recipe Laver gives the dish a more earthy umami taste with the Dulse adding a more smokey taste to the puree. So lets share this super healthy  beauty…

Two medium beetroots
 Laver or Dulse seaweeds 2 teaspoons of either 

Double Cream 2 desert spoons

Chocolate 2 blocks black or white your preference 


Simply place ingredients in a blender and wizz together.

You can warm puree in a pan or eat cold.

Hot or cold they both work with this divine creamy, chocolaty puree enjoy…….